Where Your Gift Goes

Where Your Gift Goes

Student Success

Our students’ success is our number one priority for the College. Investments in our students through academic support, wraparound services, cutting-edge technology and equipment, and scholarships allow Ivy Tech Community College to provide education and training programs that are both accessible and affordable for thousands of families across Indiana.

Full-time faculty provide a quality education for all our students, whether they choose a certification program or a transfer degree. Endowed chairs guarantee the viability of vital areas of study and the exploration and development of new programs.

Workforce Readiness

Ivy Tech provides solutions for businesses aligned with Indiana's key growth sectors – health care, advanced manufacturing, information technology, construction, supply chain and logistics management, and agriculture. Investments in our workforce programs assist the state in attracting and retaining high-growth businesses and high-wage jobs.

Meaningful Partnerships

By forging strong relationships with local businesses, schools and communities, Ivy Tech provides work-ready employees and supports on-site training and community-based initiatives. Ivy Tech ensures that Indiana's students are prepared to keep the state competitive for future growth and jobs.

Local Campuses

With 19 campuses and more than 40 locations, Ivy Tech has a presence is almost every local community. Ivy Tech provides a quality education and support services that help our students stay enrolled, graduate, and then work in their local community. Whether investing in one or more of the campuses, your donation makes a local impact and stays in the community.

Impactful Causes

As a donor, you can direct exactly where your gift goes and to a cause that is meaningful to you in support of programs and initiatives with the college. You can designate your gift towards a variety of initiatives such as scholarships, programs of study, or student life activities.

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