Grants are a major source of funding for the Ivy Tech Foundation and Ivy Tech Community College. Below please find information on what grants are, how to give a grant, and the internal grant-seeking process at Ivy Tech.

What is a grant?

Grants are funds given to the Foundation or College for specific, designated purposes, and usually include a contract for services, a specific time frame for completion, and reporting of results back to the funder. Some of these grants are given to the College (typically from local, state, and federal government agencies), while others are directed to the Foundation as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (typically from education funders, nationwide foundations, community foundations, private and family foundations, and corporate foundations).

What organizations have given Ivy Tech grants in the past?

Ivy Tech Foundation and Ivy Tech Community College have been fortunate to receive significant grant funding in the past, including from:

  • Government agencies, such as the Department of Education, Department of Labor, and the National Science Foundation
  • Education funders, such as the American Association of Community Colleges
  • National Funders, such as the Lilly Endowment and Strada Education Network
  • Community foundations throughout the State of Indiana
  • Private and family foundations, such as the George & Frances Ball Foundation
  • Corporate foundations, such as Alcoa, Arconic, Duke, and many more

Learn more about Ivy Tech’s recent grant successes.

How do I learn more about providing grant funding to Ivy Tech?

We are excited to learn about any opportunity for grant funding and would be happy to discuss potential project partnerships with funders or other external partners, as well as to share more about research, initiatives, and projects in development or currently underway for which grant funding is being sought. Please contact Grants Development or one of our campus development staff for more information.

How do I go about securing a grant for research, initiatives, or projects at Ivy Tech?

If you are an Ivy Tech faculty or staff member interested in applying for a grant to help support student success and the strategic plan of Ivy Tech Community College, we encourage you to contact us. Grants are not obtainable nor successfully executed without your help! Learn more about the process for grant proposal development and submission.

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