Student Stories – Valparaiso

Caila Vale

"In high school, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to be. A neighbor mentioned I would do well as a firefighter. Thanks to Ivy Tech's relationship with Porter County Career and Technical Education, I enrolled in the Fire & Rescue program. I received my Firefighter I, Firefighter II, Hazmat Awareness, and Hazmat Operations certifications-and I was able to finish high school with a semester of college already done! This experience motivated me to complete my degree in Fire Science. I continued my education throughout the summer with a goal of finishing my associate degree in a year. I did it. I graduated in December with an Associate Degree of Fire Science."

Katlynn Marie Pavich-Alvarez

"Choosing to go to Ivy Tech for its affordability and flexibility has m de all the difference in my career. My goal is to complete the HVAC program to the best of my ability and then use my knowledge and skills to help others. This includes teaching HVAC skills to future technicians, educating the community on the importance of air quality, and helping others understand the economic and environmental importance of quality HVAC. I'd also like to establish affordable maintenance programs for homeowners. Ivy Tech helped me dream bigger. I couldn't be more grateful for the countless opportunities I've had to make sure my future is bright and successful."

Serena Birmingham

"I went to Ivy Tech because I wanted to get a good education, but I did not want to come out of college with tons of debt. I had heard about Ivy Tech’s TSAP program, where after two years, you can transfer as a junior to a four-year college, and I felt that it was a great option for me. My major is Elementary Education because all my life I have felt the calling to become a teacher. I am so excited to finish my college career and start working in the classroom and displaying everything I learned."

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