Student Stories – Richmond

Damon Douglas

“I’ve always been interested in agriculture, but really wasn’t sure how I could develop that into a career. Ivy Tech’s new agriculture greenhouse and lab have expanded my interest and inspired me to earn my second degree in agriculture. Through my experience at the college, I’ve gained confidence in my abilities, particularly public speaking. Ivy Tech has given me the opportunity to achieve my education, expand my career goals, and strengthen my prospects for a promising future.”

Brandi Farmer

“Thanks to Ivy Tech and my education, I will be able to support and build a better life for my family—and I’ve created a new path for my life’s journey. I’ve learned to see opportunities and my own potential through college experiences such as internships, work-study programs, and serving as president of the Student Government Association. Ivy Tech staff and faculty have built my self-esteem and given me the gift of self-awareness. Through the school’s encouragement and support, I’ve grown to be a better parent, community member, and a positive influence for others. It’s more than I would have dared or dreamed.”

Amy Moore

“Ivy Tech is a life-changer. Yes, I will graduate with a degree, but I’ve learned other lessons, such as the difference committed, supportive faculty can make in your life. Thanks to my advisor, I’ve learned it’s okay to stumble—as long as you get back up. My degree coupled with my ability to persevere will help me succeed. I’m so grateful to the scholarship donors and the faculty donors. Both have impacted my life and my future.”

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