Student Stories – Lawrenceburg

Amy Payne

"While working as a teacher’s aide at a local high school, I volunteered for a field trip to Ivy Tech. As I listened, I realized in a few years, these kids would be more employable than I was. It woke me up. I decided to stop working jobs and start a career. My biggest challenge was myself, getting over my insecurities. It’s a lot to balance — school, homework, three children, a husband, and a home — but Ivy Tech has supported and encouraged me on this journey. They’ve given me the positivity that I need."

Andrew Flaugher

"My girlfriend has three small children and is in the Nursing Program at Ivy Tech; she wanted to be a role model for her kids, to show them that they could do anything. This inspired me to look into Ivy Tech, as well. I’ve always been good with numbers, so I decided to become a CPA. Because I work full-time at Amazon, I started with two classes, then three, and now I’m at four to five classes a semester. Going to school full time, working full time, and spending time with those I love can be overwhelming. Luckily, the faculty and supplemental instructors at Ivy Tech have been fantastic. They understand my busy schedule and are always willing to help, support, and listen. I have big goals, and with Ivy Tech, I’m going to achieve them."

Hannah Roth

"My husband and I have two children of our own and are fostering three more. I’ve had to work during most of my time at Ivy Tech, even working full-time while being a full-time student. We have a full house and a full life, and it can be difficult to balance it all. Fortunately, I’ve had an amazing support system of family, friends, and Ivy Tech. The professors, staff, and other students have helped me in my academic and extra-curricular pursuits, and encouraged, and supported me. They are vital to my success."

Shawn Czerniak

"When I was in high school, I wasn’t sure I wanted to attend college. Then, I learned about the Core 30 degree that included Ivy Tech classes, which would count for credit toward high school and college. These dual credit courses were the stepping stones I needed. Because of them, I was able to enter Purdue University as a sophomore. Knowing I only had to spend three years in college made me feel more confident about going to a university. Ivy Tech’s program made that possible."

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