Student Stories – Fort Wayne

Sharruna M. Ramanathan

"Ivy Tech taught me an invaluable life lesson: get involved! I was so nervous when I started classes because I traveled a great distance to come to Ivy Tech. I left my family behind in Malaysia, so I missed my support network. Then I started getting involved in student activities and even found a job on campus. I met so many new people who were excited and willing to help me and, in turn, became my support network. They encouraged me and taught me how to use the resources that are available at Ivy Tech. I am so grateful for the staff and faculty here. Now I have the opportunity to attend a prestigious four-year Indiana institution with a full-ride scholarship."

Cielo Paniagua

"Ivy Tech Community College was my first stepping stone to a better life for myself, my family, and my community. I have a child and extended family to take care of, so finding the time to go back to school was terrifying, but it was also the only way to change our lives. I want to be a servant to the people of my community and a role model for other Latino youth. I’ve been fortunate to find the support I needed academically from my instructors, financially through foundation scholarships, and personally through campus activity groups like GOAL y Amigos. I am truly grateful for the people who encouraged me, the experiences I had on my journey, and the education I earned at Ivy Tech."

Alex Vela

"Ivy Tech’s Titans baseball team has been my home for the last two years. My teammates talk about looking back in 30 years and saying, “Look what we started!” I’m so grateful I was able to experience being a college athlete. I believe I found something monumental at Ivy Tech, something I wouldn’t have had anywhere else. Getting an education is very similar to athletics: ultimately it comes down to determination, goals, and support. I feel privileged to have found all three of these important attributes at Ivy Tech Community College."

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