Student Stories – Evansville

Ceani Perez-Franco

"Early College High School gave me an amazing, affordable opportunity to earn a college credential or degree along with my high school diploma. Neither of my parents attended high school. My mother, a single parent of five, recognized the benefits of going to college – but wasn’t sure how she could afford to send me until this opportunity from Ivy Tech Community College Evansville came along."

Danielle Fleenor

"My father attended Ivy Tech Community College, so I was familiar with the school. When I heard about the Early College High School program during my 8th grade year, I knew it would be a game changer. My parents liked the idea of me earning a degree along with my high school diploma – and that tuition is much less than what it would cost for me to attend on my own."

Kelli Knaebel

"I was a dental assistant and pregnant with my third child when I became very ill. After all the ins and outs of the hospital and major surgery, I knew I belonged in medicine. I chose the nursing program at Ivy Tech Evansville. It hasn’t been easy for our family of five. Finances have been a struggle. However, everyone at school is so supportive and it really motivates you. I’ve made the most of this experience. I’ve held leadership roles in three student organizations, plus I’ve made Dean’s list every year. Not only am I close to reaching my goal, I already have a job lined up as an ICU nurse when I graduate!"

Michael Binkley

"Two years ago, my wife, Krista, and I had successful careers, a new son… then my wife had a life-altering trauma that left her paralyzed with severe brain damage. I quit my job and became a full-time caregiver and advocate. I guess I’m good at it, because friends and healthcare providers kept encouraging me to enter the nursing field. I looked into Ivy Tech Evansville. My finances and time are tight, but with the help of Dean Lindsay, I found a way to make school work. Today, at 42, I’m changing careers and I’m dedicated to making a difference for others—including my wife and son."

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