Student Stories – Columbus

Abby Herene

Being a Columbus native, Ivy Tech’s nursing program was my first choice. It has a positive reputation at our local hospital. The smaller classroom size means greater engagement and a fuller learning experience. Plus, I knew I could finish my associate degree and start my career faster. I have a background as an Emergency Medical Responder; I always saw my future in the ER. Through my clinical experience, I’ve found a true love for being at a patient’s bedside and navigating their care alongside other medical team members. I still have much to experience, but I know I’m in the right place and on the right track.

Cristina Villani

When I moved here from Florida, I had no community and no real direction for my future. Ivy Tech made a profound difference in both. As part of the Student Leadership Academy (SLA), I became part of a positive organization that improved my leadership and communication skills, expanded my network, and increased my self-confidence and drive to achieve. Though SLA, I was selected to work part-time for Cummins as an STW. It’s made such a difference in how I see myself, my present, and my future.

Katelin Nading

As a full-time flight attendant, I knew I wanted a future in aviation. To make it work, I needed to find a program that offered flexible class schedules and flying lessons, affordability, and respect amongst aviation professionals. Ivy Tech delivered all three. Without this program, I would have had to move, quit my job, or take out exorbitant amounts of student loans in order to pursue an equivalent degree and licenses. Ivy Tech has afforded me a much higher quality of life while in school and put me on the fast track to the car eer of which I’ve dreamed.

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