Alumni Impact

Tenecia's grandparents prominently displayed framed photos of each child and grandchild from their high school and college graduations in their Detroit home. Tenecia, who earned criminal justice degrees from Ivy Tech and from Indiana University through IUPUI, got her wish.

Courtney had originally pursued chemistry but found that the nursing program at Ivy Tech was the right choice for her. She helps with the Nurse Apprentice Program, a partnership with Ivy Tech Terre Haute and Union Health as an Ivy Tech alumni and Union Health nurse.

Jimmy is a fixer and found that his passion for that easily translated into a career in respiratory therapy. As an Ivy Tech alumni, he experienced the preparation for the clinical world and the working world of a hospital.

Gale's grandma always wanted her to be a nurse but Gale wasn't sure if that was the path she wanted to take. She found a passion for X-rays at a dental office and found the program at Ivy Tech. She credits her Ivy Tech education with helping shape the person she is today.

Bruce Calloway fell in love with his family before he fell in love with Ivy Tech. But his passion for both runs deep. As a trustee for Ivy Tech Bloomington, he spends time telling anyone who will listen about how Ivy Tech changes lives for the better, including his two children.

Trayvon Martin lit something in me, and I thought, ‘That’s where I want to give my care – bringing all the systems together … a shared understanding and commitment so that everyone can have a broader and better quality of life,’” Ashley Gurvitz ‘13 said. Through tragedy, Indianapolis – particularly the northeast side, where Gurvitz is president of United Northeast Community Development Corporation – found an influential community leader.

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