6 Reasons to Give on Ivy Tech Day!

Need a Reason to Support Ivy Tech Day? How about 6?

Impact on Indiana: Ivy Tech and Our Communities is a series of profiles demonstrating how Ivy Tech impacts communities across the state. The following profile spotlights six reasons supporting Ivy Tech Day, our first-ever Day of Giving, can make a meaningful difference in the lives of students who attend Indiana’s community college.

Excitement is building with our first-ever Ivy Tech Day coming up on Tuesday, April 11. It’s our Day of Giving, but it’s so much more than that. It’s a day of pride, a day of unity, and a day of fun. We hope all our alumni, students, and friends participate, wear their Green, and show their Ivy Pride online while using the hashtags #give2ivy and #growivygrow.

We are celebrating our 60th anniversary this year, so we are giving you 6 big reasons to participate in Ivy Tech Day!

  • Ivy Tech is the biggest singly accredited community college in the nation with about 173,000 students attending 19 Indiana campuses. We produce healthcare providers, chefs, engineers, entrepreneurs, and numerous other professionals who make a big difference got people in Indiana.
  • Last year, Ivy Tech awarded more than 40,000 credentials and certifications to students across the Hoosier State.
  • Ivy Tech produces more nurses with 2-year degrees than any college in the U.S., and most stay in Indiana. The U.S. is working through a nursing shortage, so Ivy Tech is filling a much-needed gap. Our Hamilton County campus launched a new nursing program in January, and our Madison campus is partnering with Hanover College to create a first-of-its-kind partnership called the 1+2+1 Model, allowing Hanover students to obtain an Associates of Science Degree in Nursing at Ivy Tech while working toward a Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Hanover. At Union Health in Terre Haute, 20 percent of the staff – or about 600 employees – come from Ivy Tech. Many of them are nursing graduates.
  • 81 percent of Ivy Tech students graduate without student debt. In an era where student debt can be stifling, this is a big deal and allows many students to start their careers without an unnecessary financial burden.
  • Ivy Tech contributes nearly $4 billion to Indiana’s economy – most of it through alumni working good jobs across the state. Ivy Tech is pivotal to our state’s economy.
  • 93 percent of Ivy Tech graduates stay in Indiana to pursue their careers. This is a point of pride for us. From north to south, and east to west, we are big believers in our communities. They are our partners. Ivy Tech students consider Indiana their home and they work to make the Hoosier State a great place to live.

“We are proud of the many ways the graduates of Ivy Tech contribute to our communities across Indiana,” said Courtney Roberts, Ivy Tech Foundation president, “and our first Day of Giving is one more way we can come together for the good of our students and the future of our state.”

We can’t wait to make a difference, and we hope you join us!

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