Student Stories

Jonathan Ogborn

"After trying a four-year school, I knew I needed something different. Ivy Tech Terre Haute was everything I wanted— close to my home and job, flexible, affordable, and with the right degree. I am currently taking online classes while working full-time at a restaurant. I was recently given the opportunity to enter the management training program. Thanks to Ivy Tech’s online courses, I can study, work, and plan for a successful career."

Lindsey Skelton

"I am working toward earning an Associates degree in Human Services. Those in my field are encouraged to receive counseling themselves, for greater understanding and experience. I received free counseling services through Ivy Tech—a service that is critically important for non-traditional students and all the stress and concerns they carry. My counselor really helped me grow, and it deepened my passion for my career. Thanks to this support, I have achieved certifications and gained experience while pursuing my degree. I recently earned my certification to teach Yoga and hold Space for Yoga 12-Step Recovery Meetings on campus. This certification has allowed me to get a jump start on my dream of owning my own yoga therapy practice."

Marklee Haltom

"In high school, I was ranked fourth in my class but I knew I could do better. I talked with my Ivy Tech College Connection Coach. She mentored me, told me about scholarship opportunities and motivated me to go for them. I worked really hard to finish at the top of my class and received a full-ride scholarship to Ivy Tech. My scholarship not only covers my tuition but also my books and lab fees. At Ivy Tech, I continue to receive incredible support and guidance that is changing my life. That’s what Ivy Tech does."

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