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While Ivy Tech has partnered with several community organizations as resources from students – the needs continued to grow. Students were starting to miss class, many eventually dropping out so they could work more hours or a second job to keep food on the table. Ivy Tech Evansville responded by opening, Ivy’s Closet, our own on campus food pantry and food vouchers to eat at our on campus café. Goods were donated by employees to help immediate needs and a generous donor stepped forward to help fund food vouchers.
When our physical campus locations closed, dozens of food boxes were packed for students and picked up on campus and since, the closet has remained mostly bare with just a few basics to give out. 

The goal is to make Grab and Go meals available for immediate needs, along with Food Boxes by family size and linking to external food pantry sources over our winter campus closure. 

Students are out of school over winter break to start of spring semester, which is 27 days or roughly a month. We need your help to fill Ivy’s Closet by December 1st. These goods will help a minimum of 100 students receive a food box to ensure they have food on the table during their time away from the campus. 

The demand continues to outpace the supply.

Here’s How You can Make The Difference:
1. Explore the list of needs here.
2. Help put food on the table during the week of November 16th – December 1st, by:
a.   Shopping for items on the list
b. Make a financial contribution here and we’ll do the shopping for you!

Contactless Drop-Off 
Ivy Tech 3501 N. First Ave. 47710
Shipping & Receiving > South end of building behind Hilton Schools
Call the # on the Building and someone will come pick up your donation  
8:30a – 11:30a and 2:00p – 5:00p
November 16th – November 19th 
November 23th – November 25th
November 30th and December 1st 

 Goods will be dispersed over the winter break thru start of spring semester: December 20th – January 18th
Interested in volunteering to fill the bags? Contact eshafer13@ivytech.edu or 812-429-9830

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